The Grant Rant

A journalist's view from Niagara

On March 25, I was fortunate to join a small band of other local podcast hosts on the Niagara Podcasters Network for the Local Media Matters fundraising event.

The event raised some money to help support the network, and it was a great opportunity to listen to the expanding roster of local media voices.

A diversity of voices and opinions is vital for the health of any community, and on NPN you’re likely to find something that interests you, from popular culture and feminism, to politics and First Nations issues and even dating in the era of social media.

So hop over to NPN’s Local Media Matters page to hear all the shows that broadcast live from the Mahtay Cafe, and follow your favorite show. Every show updates frequently. I personally never miss One Dish One Mic, The Practical Feminist and the Elephant and the Irishman. You’ll also find the Niagarans with Greg Miller, Freelance Foundations, Deekcast and many others.

For what was the second episode of the Grant Rant on NPN, I spoke about the latest high jinks at the Niagara Region and why local media matters. So grab a cup of coffee and have a listen.

PS. A special thank you goes out to NPN producer Trevor Twining, whose editing chops put all the shows from Local Media Matters together for your listening pleasure. 

NPN event (1)

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