The Grant Rant

A journalist's view from Niagara

There are few journalists in North America who were not shocked by the events in Annapolis Thursday. Four journalists and one sales rep were murdered by a gunman who barricaded the back door of the Captial Gazette newspaper, shot his way through the front door and opened fire on employees inside the paper’s newsroom.

At the moment, rather than opine on the killings, I’ll direct you to the Gazette’s website to read the coverage of reporters who, despite suffering tremendous loss, held the line and continued to do their jobs. I will write more on this blog about what happened soon, but for now, I recommend going to the source for stories.

However, I did join 610 CKTB radio host Tom McConnell today to talk about the incident and violence and harassment often faced by journalists, and the growing number of cases in Canada where journalists are facing criminal charges for doing their job. Have a listen to the show HERE. 

One thought on “Grant Rants on 610 CKTB: On violence and harassment of journalists

  1. Bradley Shea says:

    A journalist should never have to fear criminal charges for doing their job.


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