The Grant Rant

A journalist's view from Niagara

I wouldn’t call it a happy ending. But it might be a chance for a better future. Maybe. If everything goes right and with a little luck, it just might be. Readers of the Grant Rant will remember I wrote a few columns recently about a pair of teenagers who were living on the streets …

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Just how compassionate a city and its people are isn’t determined by doing those things that are easy and require little effort or risk of failure. It is measured by how it responds to those who are in the most need – even if those in need have, in many respects, made bad choices that put them in their awful situation.

Standing with our fellow Canadians, regardless of their religion, is not just an emotional balm in the face of tragedy. It is the story we need to tell each other, every day, precisely because that is what makes us what we are.